Saturday, November 07, 2009

Dear GrandPapa....

I'm on a business trip. A conference, if you will. MEEEEE! Mary-Margaret O'Brien. When I found out Mom was going and she was going to take meeeee because I am FOUR and I'm old enough now, I was everly so excited.

Today, we were downstairs listening to people talk. I dozed a bit between taking notes...well, actually, taking notes was pretty hard to do without opposable thumbs, so I was remembering until I fell asleep. Then we had some lunch, and I got to go out a few times. So many little time.

This afternoon there was a panel of four speakers - One bankruptcy judge and three attorneys. Mom was really into it but I zonked out. After their presentation Mom started explaining that sometimes I snore pretty loud and she hoped it didn't bother any one. Oh, HOW EMBARRASSING! They HEARD me maybe three rows away, and they thought it was my MOTHER. She took it all right, but I blushed a lot.

Then for supper I got to pick what I wanted off the menu. We had FIVE choices: Grilled lemon chicken breast, char-grilled new york sirloin (with rosemary sofritto) , broiled green tea lacquered salmon, shiitake essence, stir fried brown rice with sunny side organic egg (blegh!) and stone fired pizza. I picked STEAK. (Hey, I'm not paying for it!). It was dee-lish!

Tonight I'm all full of energy and messing with Mom's laundry. This is the life. I could get used to it. Room service is the best ever.

Love and kisses....


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