Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sundays with Mom!

In case I hadn't told you before, me and my mom share a bed. She gets the left hand side with the remote - I get the right hand side. We watch TV before we fall asleep. Sometimes I get right to the end of the bed so I can see up close. When I'm ready to call it a night I get on my pillow and curl up. I snore pretty loud, which you already know, but it's ok. Mom says it's kinda reassuring to know that all is well in my world.

About 4 or 5 in the morning it gets a bit chilly, so I skootch under the covers and snuggle up with my "bed buddy". She says it keeps her warm, too. If she gets up before I'm ready, I let her give me a tummy kiss but then I get back under the covers to catch a few more "zees".

We vacuumed (which I HATE) and did laundry (which I LOVE!). I can't explain it but vacuum cleaners give me the creeps. They make a nasty sound and look mean and eat everything in their path. One time one even ate my leash! With ME on the other end, too. Talk about scary. I got unhooked really fast and watched while my mom untangled me. My leash was pretty curly after that so I got a new one.

Laundry.......oh, that's the ONE thing I can't wait for. I dive into the piles, muss them up to make a nest....rearrange stuff. The undescribable aroma of dirty laundry is the absolutely best smell in the whole world.

That's pretty much it, GrandPapa. We have clean sheets, clothes and other stuff. I even helped make the bed. Mostly I just lay on it to get any wrinkles out, but I know it's helpful.

Hope you had a nice dinner at Mike and Janet's.

I love you..


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Sausha said...

Mary-Margaret, you could be my twin. I hate the vacuum and that new horrible thing, the SpotBot! Please don't let your mom get one.
Love, Sausha