Friday, November 20, 2009


Thank God It's Friday!! I wasn't going to write anything because today was pretty uneventful but Mom laid the old Doglish guilt trip on me. (sigh)

Hmmm...well, we went to three banks today. The first one got complicated (not MY fault) because we were taking some money out of two accounts and putting it into two others. The second one was easy, and the third one wanted to know if we wanted to refinance. Well, it seems that got us into trouble a few years ago and Mom patiently explained why we don't want to do that again. They must have gotten the idea because they smiled and wished us a good day, giving up on their sales pitch.

Back at the office I decided to play the old "Ditch the Dog" game. You remember? The one where I pretend to go into the office but duck out just as the door closes? And I get to run up and down the hallways, and listen under people's doors? Well, it's NOT FUN when no body knows you're missing. After about an hour or so, I got pretty worried and squished my little body really close to the door. I'm not allowed to bark so that wasn't an option. FINALLY!! Shannon opens the door to go across the hall and I practically FELL into our office. Boy, were the ladies surprised. I raced inside and JUMPED into my office bed. Sheesh! I don't think I'll play that again for a while.

After work we went to Albertson's. I made some friends. First, I met an 8-month old little girl and we hit it off right away. She stretched her hand out to me and I kissed her fingers. We both started talking to each other quietly...she'd coo and I'd go "wurf". I guess I got a little carried away, though, because on my final "wurf" it was a bit louder than I intended and I got glared at. OK..I am SOOO sorry. It won't happen again (I said). I saw her later in the check out line and I smiled, but kept my "wurfs" to myself.

There were two kids in the vegetable section at the lettuce stand who looked like they needed some loving. The little boy was maybe 5 and the girl was about 7. BigJack (he said that was his name) and Kalani. I know when people need's just a gift I have. Their dog got run over by a car a few days ago and they were missing it a whole lot. So I let them love on me, and I kissed their faces, and they petted me and know. I just did what I do best. We met again in the butcher department, and then again at check out, where BigJack gave me lots of hugs and Kalani helped my mom put her groceries on the checker's counter. They made a point of saying good-bye to me, too. I love helping people. It makes my heart happy.

Then we went to Customer Service so I could do my usual "meet and greet" with my VERY good friend, Janet. She just got a dog from the pound - a black Lab type named "Crash". Her dog Lucky went to the Rainbow Bridge not too long ago and her family had an opening, so Crash went to live with them. He's only two, so I know I can probably do some mentoring there. She lives just up the street from us and I wouldn't even have to cross any roads because she's on the first cul-de-sac on the left. Yup. I could probably go there by myself now that I'm FOUR! (ow..just kidding, Mom...I'd never go without you!).

Tonight I ate all my dinner (fresh baked chicken and duck kibble) and hung out with my Mom. She has a hand towel folded in half for me on the left hand corner of her desk. It's yellow and soft and fluffy, and very VERY comfortable. When she's taking dictation I lay there and stare into space (she thinks). The truth is, which she just now discovered, is that I can see the TV in her bedroom and tonight "Shrek the Third" was on. So I was watching that and trying to remember what I did today. "Donkey" is my favorite character.

OK...Gads. That took a lot of space to tell you about nothing special. Sorry for rambling like that but I guess a lot of stuff actually did happen today. Yup. I'm a lucky pup.

Love and kisses and have a great weekend...


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April said...

I don't know what I would do without Mary Margaret to read each day. No matter how crummy my day may have been, she always cheers me up!