Sunday, November 08, 2009

I'm Home!!

Wow...that was fun! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE hotels. Mom said she should have named me "Eloise". Like...whateverrrrr! I have no idea who that is, but Mom said it was her most favorite book when she was ten. Hmmmmmmm!?

We got home maybe 1:30 or so and picked up our mail and went to Albertson's. They had just taken some freshly roasted chickens out of that thing-a-ma-bob that goes round and round. Guess what I had for dinner tonight?

We ate early and I slept most all afternoon. Conferences can be SOOOOO exhausting, don't you think? I'm told I snored some during one of the presentations today, but by then everybody knew it was me so it's kewl.

Probably going to go to bed early and maybe watch "Desperate Housewives". I outgrew my "Desperate Housedogs" shirt a few sizes ago and we donated it to the vet for puppies who get cold easily. Now I just skootch under the covers if I get chilly. I help keep my mom warn that way, too.

Niters for now.

Yours truly,


PS: My Aunt Allie in Hawaii (who took in ONE homeless chicken to be nice and ended up with a whole flock of them AND fresh eggs, too!) is now the proud mother of a duckling named "Graham Quacker". She says her daughter-in-law, Candice, named him. Isn't he the cutest ever??


Lisa Grand Rapids MI said...

Dear Mary Margaret,
My little yorkie Ozzie snores too! Quite loud in fact. He's kewl too.
It's great to read your blog. Keep it up!

Kasha said...

Mary Margaret is adorable. It cracks me up how names really seem to fit each pet. She seems adorable enough to deserve two names even. So cute! Great blog. I want a duck.