Monday, November 16, 2009

No! No! No! I don't WANNA go!

Gina works Mondays at the bank. I love Gina so I love Mondays. As soon as I saw her I started running toward her. Never mind that Mom was still holding on to my body about four feet off the floor - I had all my arms and legs going at once. I would have flown to Gina if I had wings. I get plopped on the counter and Gina picks me up.

First off, she says "Oh, HI, Mary-Margaret", and then she says "Hang on! I have to cut up some more jerky!". I tell YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! She knows what a puppy likes. While she's slicing and dicing, I am saying "Hello!" to Marilyn and Aida. They say "Hello" back and laugh with me. I'm very careful not to mess up any piles of paper or step on Gina's ink pad again. Yeah...nothing like inky paw prints on the teller's counter, right? Then I sit down until Gina hands me some duck jerky. Oh YUMMMM! (I say). And I remember to say "Thank you!", too.

After Mom makes the deposit and visits with Gina for a bit I hear, "Come on, Mary-Margaret! It's time to go!". Huh? (I say) I don't THEEENK so. I'd rather stay here with Gina. Gina scoots me across the counter toward Mom and I scoot back to Gina. Then something weird happens.

Mom puts her hand against her forehead and says "Ok...I can see you'd rather stay with Gina. Good-bye, Mary-Margaret!". She sort of lists to one side. And then she starts to cry. "Ohhh, Mary-Margaret! I'm so sad and hurt (sob sob)", she goes. Now this bothers me a lot.

I turn around and walk across Gina's counter and reach for my mom. Well, good gosh. I've never heard her cry like that before. I was just kidding. Really, I was. I don't EVER want to be without my mom. Mom turned around and picked me up and she and Gina winked at each other. Now, I'm not totally sure about this so I'm not saying anything, but....well, maybe I got snookered? You think? What's it called..? Alligator tears? Hmmmmmph! See if THAT works again.

I'll probably get to see Gina again on Wednesday. She goes to school on Tuesday and Thursday so I get to snuggle up to Xochitl (pronounced Soshi) those days. I just love Xochitl too.

Love ya...


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