Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well, shoot. I'm sitting there with my mom watching "Good Morning America" and I hear "MEEE-YOOOOOOWWWR" and "RRRR-OOOOWWWWRRRRRR". Ooooh, (I said) "CAT FIGHT!". Wooo hoo. Who doesn't love a cat fight, I ask?

So I went racing out my little personal door to get a good seat. But they were gone. I missed the whole fight, darn it. I kept walking back and forth along the back wall hoping to catch a glimpse of them but no success. Then I hear "Mary-Margaret, COME!". I pretend I hear nothing and continue patrolling.

"YOU GET IN HERE YOUNG LADY!!". Oh yell yourself silly (I say quietly). I'll come in when I'm darn good and ready. "I SAID COME!!" Yeah Yeah (I say) and I keep walking.

"YOU ARE NOW GROUNDED!" Yeah? Big whoopeeeee (I say) and sit down in the sunlight against the back wall. I hear the door in the kitchen slam a couple of times, but I know it's just a ploy. She's got so many tricks up her sleeve and I'm wise to them all.

Next thing I see is my mom in her lavendar bathrobe and bare feet walking across the lawn to me. Uh oh (I think)..jig's up. I surrender. I am scooped up and...egads! I am thwacked on my butt. Yup. Not hard, but it's emotionally painful for me. I am put in my place and told NEVER do that again and I should "come when you're called!". Well, fine! I am SORRY!

So she goes upstairs to get ready for work and turns around when she gets to the landing. She says "Come!" in her most nicest voice ever. This is a test, I'm sure, but I come anyway. I even race her to the top of the stairs. Hah! I showed her. I am a GOOD puppy. Yup. I just happen to know that I'm smarter than she is, but she is the one with the food and the bed, so I let her think she's boss. I can do "pawlitics" just as good as the next guy.

Love and kisses...



Deetz said...

You are a lil spitfire you

Lisa said...

Its hard for yorkie boys and girls to be good all of the time. People just don't understand that.