Saturday, October 03, 2009

What's a "Sewer Serve", Mom??

"A "Sewer Serve" is another way of saying that the process server didn't actually serve the paper as they were instructed to do, but just tossed it in the "sewer" (or garbage) and signed a "Declaration under penalty of perjury" or a sworn "Affidavit" that they DID serve the paper". (This is what my Mom said when I asked her. She ALWAYS tells me the truth, too!)

So I asked her how come somebody would DO that? And she says she has absolutely NO idea, since professional process servers are paid to either serve the document, or (if the people don't live there anymore) sign a Declaration/Affidavit of Non-Service. Either way the process servers have done their job. Professional companies like my employer, RASCAL, even get hired to find the person or figure out a way to tell the defendant that he's got a problem so he can defend himself. PROFESSIONAL Process Servers (like my Mom) would NEVER do a "sewer serve"!

So then I ask her how come the "FTC*" is having all these meetings about "Sewer Serves"? And "tens of thousands of people" have defaults entered against them and they don't even know they're being sued? And she says to click on the link above. She thinks a lot of these people just don't want to admit they messed up.

Somewhere in fairly recent times people just stopped taking responsibility for themselves and they learned to blame other people instead. Tsk. No wonder so many humans prefer the company of pups, I say. We're everly so less complicated.

Love and schlurpies....


*Federal Trade Commission, not "Furry Terrier Club" (this time, anyway!)

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Turbo the Sibe said...

My Human likes to say that all humans in all occupations are equally likely to be lazy and take short cuts. In other words, humans are stupid.