Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mary-Margaret O'Boleyn

Argh. I can totally relate to Ann Boleyn's last few moments when she had to walk herself to the chopping block.

"Bath time!", I hear. Oh crud. I look for someplace to hide but I'm not fast enough. "Oh, THERE you are!", she says. "Bath time!". I sit firmly planted on the stairway landing.

"YOU MARCH!", she orders. I hang my head and skootch up the stairs, one at a time. So this is how it feels to have to take yourself to your doom. I am not a willing participant here, but I must obey my ruler.

My collar is removed and I am totally naked. The water is turned on and I say a few final prayers before being immersed and soaped. May I emerge from this torture clean, dry and brushed. And, Dear Lord, please let me have a GOOD hair day.


Your humble servant...


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elaine said...

We bet you looked so adorable and smelled so good when you emerged from the torture, Mary-Margaret.
We all went through the same thing last Friday.
abbey mia, harper and piper