Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day!

The way I see it, some directionally challenged human sails from Spain, gets lost, loses a few ships in a nasty storm, and beaches himself on an island that he's never seen before. The locals gather about to possibly try to help him and he gives them smallpox. But don't mind me. I'm just a pup who tends to see things in black and white.

My Aunt Rose's (rest her soul) Uncle Joe and Aunt Susie dropped by to say "Hello" with their two remaining kids, Daisy and Coco. Daisy is a Shih Tsu and just the nicest pup I've ever met. Coco Puff was my Aunt Rose's boyfriend. He's 16 years old now. He even once brought Rosie a piece of chicken and dropped it right in front of her, he was so in love with her.

Joe and Susie used to work with Mom until they upped and moved to Colorado. They're on vacation right now for two whole weeks, so they came to California to visit friends and to mine their claims (whatever that means).

Then Mom got a flu shot and she's been reading since she got home. I've been sitting at the front window watching everyone and everything that passes by, woofing at stuff that catches my interest. It's been a nice, restful vacation.

We're charging up the camera battery so I can finish opening my present from Theresa in Kerkhoven, MN. I'm not supposed to open anything unless it's on camera so I can share the joy with all my friends. (rolling eyes)

Hope you all had a fun filled holiday, too.




Sparky said...


How are you my lovely friend? I haven't dropped by your blog in ages, it's SO good to see you again!

Happy Columbus day to you! I hope you had a good visit with Daisy and Coco!

I hope your camera battery charges quickly, I'm sure you can't wait to open the rest of that present!

Have a GRRRReat day, my friend!


elaine said...

What is your mom reading, M-M?