Thursday, October 29, 2009

If it's on the floor, it's MINE!

One of our clients brought in a stack of 23 papers to be served. She also brought an envelope addressed to my mom with a check in it. Somehow (Oh, lucky me!) the envelope landed on the floor and it just sat there, calling my name. Thinking this might be another Halloween greeting, I decided to open it. Hey! It's not like anyone was paying attention to me. I shredded it open and saw there was something in it and walked away. That's just the kind of pup I am, you know? You'd think "some people" would appreciate my consideration, but NOOOOOOO!

"AAAAAAAAAAACK", she yells. "Mary-Margaret, you get over here and clean up your mess!", she says. "As if....!", I replied and sat down next to one of my favorite clients' shoe (he was wearing it, by the way). Uh oh....she looks mad. I stand up as high as I can and I'm begging Mr. "H" to PULEEEZE pick me up. He laughs at me, but I end up on his lap, safe for the moment.

Well, how was I to know there was a check in there if I didn't open it? Hmmmmm??? And I only tore off a teensy little corner of it, sort of by the check number, so I'm sure it's still good, right? RIGHT?

Rule #2: If it's on the floor, it's MINE!!

Hmmmmph! Maybe she'll learn her lesson this time.


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elaine said...

If you have not taught Auntie Michele the floor rule yet, we don't know if you ever will, Mary-Margaret.
abbey mia, harper and piper