Monday, October 05, 2009

Yanking Mom's Chain....again!

What can I say? It's not like I do much at work. I greet people; make them feel comfortable. I take care of little kids when their parents bring them in. Piece of cake...but I need a real CHALLENGE. This is where I get to play with Mom's head.

I had a bit a gas today. So Shannon takes me out and I piddle a bit but nothing serious. She brings me back, and right away I gas Mom again really good. Yup. I get to go out again. This time I hunted for lizards before I had to go back. Shannon just glared at me.

When a client came in later and he and Mom were just winding up some business, I discretely let loose again. They BOTH fanned the air and said "Yuck". This time, Mom took me out. And she waited....and waited.....and waited.

"Oh, come ON, Mary-Margaret!", she complained. But I just checked the outside edges of the planter downstairs. I found an interesting twig that I stuck to my chest (like velcro). I found some really neat spider webs that I draped over my nose. There was something kind of putrid under the plants, so I rolled in that for a while. No lizards this time. Finally I was told to get back on the elevator.

"Fine", I said. And I rode up to the 3rd floor like I always do. Mom got off first (usually it's me first) while I dilly-dallied around because I found some kewl stuff to sniff. She walked all the way through the double doors before she realized I wasn't there.

"Mary-Margaret? Where ARE you?", she said. She hunted all over and finally (duh!) figured out I was still on the elevator. She pushed the button, and the door slid open. I was still sniffing around. She said, "You get OUT OF THERE right NOW!". I rolled my eyes at her and got off. She opened the double doors again and I quickly darted back on to the elevator just as the doors were shutting. (snicker snicker...I am fast and sneaky!)

"NOW where'd you go?", she wondered. It didn't take her long to figure out where I was this time. She punched the button, the doors slid open and I just sat there and gave her my most winning grin. This IS fun. I could do this all day. I don't think SHE could, though. This time she scooped me up and carried me all the way back to the office before she put me down.

Some people have no sense of adventure.



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