Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you, TERESA and DOGGY DAY SPA!

I got a box from Teresa Brendemuehl of Doggy Day Spa in Kerkhoven, MN and I can open it MYSELF!! I don't need any help. I am FOUR!!

This is what she sent me. My very own terry cloth bathrobe with a yellow ducky on the back.....a pink stuffie....a magnetic calendar....perfume (which will come in handy and I will keep at the office for when one of my co-workers - she knows who she is - informs me that I stink)....and PEPPERONI PUPPY-POPCORN. I just LOVE people pop corn and I can't wait for Mom to pop this in the microwave for me.

My Cousin Sophie says Teresa is the very best personal puppy stylist in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I don't know about that as I'm pretty partial to my own Miss Marilyn, but I can honestly say that Teresa knows how to make a Pup's day.

Thank you, TERESA!!

I love you.

Did you know us pups get in-som-ni-a too? Gosh...last night I woke up about 2:30AM and started pacing. I jumped up and down on the bed for a while. I went over to Mom and got right up in her face and started heavy-breathing. "Get up", I said. "I want to PLAAAAY!".

"Arrgggh", she said, and told me to get back in bed. But that wasn't my plan. I attacked her hand a few times until she swatted me away. So then I got down and stood by the door, "ruurrrfffing" at her. "Whaaa....whaaaa....?", she asked. "Well, NOTHING!", I said. I just want some attention. "Mmmmmmmfffff", she replied, and stuffed her face back into her pillow.

I got back on the bed and talked her into giving me some belly rubs until she fell asleep. Then I got back on my pillow and went back to sleep, too. Humans are sooooooo chronologically oriented. Everything has to be done "on time". Pups aren't like that. We play when we FEEL like playing, even when it's dark outside. Life would be everly less complicated if humans would toss all their watches and clocks, don't you think?



Lisa Grand Rapids Michigan said...

She's adorable!

Sparky said...


OMDog!! Pepperoni Puppy Popcorn?! I have never heard of that before, but man, it sounds grrrrEAT!! I have GOT to try some!

You are one very lucky pup! I hope you have a GRRRReat weekend, my friend!