Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clocking in!

I've gotten a few reminders that there are people who actually READ my diary who say that I need to start writing again. Here's the thing! I have to dictate to my Mom, who then has to transcribe Caninidian (or Puplish) into English and then put it on to the computer, which then goes into my blog. She has to be in just such a mood to do so and lately she's been a little distracted.

There are fewer consonents in my language due to the rigid formation of my mouth and lips. So if I try to say something like "Tuna Fish Sandwich", it comes out like "Turr-a-wit Tand-it" (sort of). "Cat" is "Owrrr"; "Out" is "Aurrr". And "Take dictation NOW" is "rrurrr-a-rowr-rrr-RRROW!!" A low throaty growl - "hrurrr hrurrr" can mean a lot of things, including "Have you noticed that the slider is closed and I haven't been out for..oh...let's see...maybe FOUR HOURS??"

We communicate pretty well, but there is room for improvement. At the moment, we're at the office and "The Mother Person" is doing reports. My plan is to sleep until it's time to go home for dinner.

Love you guys...


PS: When I got home tonight I was shooing off cats. Except one cat just sat there and STARED at me. Mom finally got off her duff and came to the window. Whoa...she says, "THAT'S JUST A BABY KITTY, MARY-MARGARET! YOU STOP SCARING THAT BABY!". Oh, like she might like me to have a kitty of my own, maybe? I don't theeeeenk so. But, I have to admit, it was kinda cute the way it kept looking at me. It was grey with a white face and white paws and maybe about 2 pounds worth of kitty...maybe if even that. Note to myself - remind Mom she's allergic to cats.

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MJ's doghouse said...

MMO my mom is the same way as your mom...if she isnt in the mood to transcribe I dont get anything done. And i am pretty sure she doesnt Write everythign I say...she is just so unreliable...i wish they would make a program that went from my brain to the computer...