Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Ins and Outs of it all

Taking what I discovered about my mom yesterday (which is that she can't see her feet without bending over - therefore, I am invisible if I want to be) and applying it to other circumstances, I've discovered other things I can do for entertainment.

For example, we come back from being "out" and I trot right along side of her ankle all the way to our office. "Good girl", she says. Then she opens the door and she goes in thinking I'm right there. Except I put on the brakes and take a step backwards. She goes in and I am FREE FREE FREE AT LAST. Whooo hooo!

I can run up and down the hallways as fast as I want - wheeeeee! I can sneak up to other office doors and listen to people talking. My very good friend Zeus (the Weimaraner) works next to us so sometimes I go and sniff around the bottom of his door. I can sit in the middle of the hallway and see who goes by outside our glass doors. If anyone went out to lunch and got "take-out", I can check for tasty morsels on the carpet.

Then I get bored. Today, I lasted maybe an hour before I said "Arf?". "Arf?", says Mom, and then she asks Shannon where I am. Hmmmmmm, they say after hunting all over. They open the door. I race inside all laughing and stuff. They give me some loving and hugs, and then they say "MARY-MARGARET! What are we going to DO with you?".

I tried it again a little later when Mom went to check out Zeus' dad because there was a loud "thunk" from his office and we got all worried about him. Turns out he just dropped a heavy-duty stapler. It gave me a chance to play in the hall again, but I got caught maybe 10 minutes later.

I figure I can keep this up until either Mom loses enough weight to see her toes (and me) OR I get put back on a leash. (OH GOSH NO...NOOOOOOOO...ANYTHING BUT THAT!)

Cheerfully yours,


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