Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Fitness Training Pays Off!!

I tell YOUUUUU!! It's always something with the "help" these days. It's been like a WEEK since I wrote you, Dear Diary. Not MY fault, though. Good help is hard to find.

What's new, you ask? Oh....well, at work we're pretty busy. Serving lots of papers, like Small Claims and evictions in Temecula and Murrieta. That's what we do mostly. And we find people. Yesterday we found the contents of a lady's safe deposit box. And later this week we're going to try to help her find a couple of missing bank accounts. That's what we do. Find people or their "stuff" and serve papers.

Oh yes. And yesterday when we went into our bank Jessica (our teller) looks at us and says "You're losing weight!".
Mom smiled and said "Me? You mean me?".
"No! I meant Mary-Margaret!", she says. And then she tells Mom that I'm getting my waistline back. Mom gets all funky and pouts, because ...well, she's been getting a little But me? Oh, ever since I got my new assistant, Shannon, who's really into physical fitness, I get a work out every day.

We're on the third floor of our building and usually I take the elevator. But Shannon says I should take the stairs and burn those calories. Going up and down from the third floor to the parking lot and back is really firming me up. I'm everly so lucky to have someone like Shannon as a trainer. Yup. Now I suppose I should get some spandex shorts and a tank top and really LOOK the part. I think I have a tank top............hmmmmmmm!!!!

Mom says that if Shannon starts teaching Yoga again, that she'll take her class. I wonder if I can go, too??



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BenTheRotti said...

That sounds like very impawtant work Mary-Margaret! I hope you get a good wage.

My Mum is a great believer of taking stairs rather than elevators.. and she too loves Yoga.. me? I'm lazy, I would choose the elevator everytime and as for yoga.. forget it, that would cut into my nap time!

good to see you pretty girl,

Ben xxx