Monday, March 23, 2009

No such thing as "Crunchy" Cream Cheese

My very first "dental" is tomorrow. I go see my Dr. V and she'll get all the plaque off my teeth so I can keep my sparkly smile. I have to take Clavamox for a couple of days before I go in just in case I have any bad germs in my otherwise squeaky clean little body. Dr. V says that Clavamox will knock the little buggers right out, so no bacteria will get into my blood and cause a serious infection. Then after the cleaning, I take it a few more days.

I'm not particularly big on pills which is a well known fact in my house. Mom tries to disguise them with yummy bits of this and that. Most recently, she tried cream cheese. Silly woman! There is NO SUCH THING as crunchy cream cheese. I sucked the cream cheese right off the pill and then "spitooeyed" it out, figuring she'd never notice. HAH! Boy, was I wrong.

"Hello...what's this?", she says as she plucks the pill, now sticky, from my right foot. Uh oh! She sits me on the tile counter top, pries open my schnozz and puts the sticky pill on the back of my tongue. Then she clamps my jaws shut and starts rubbing my throat until I swallow. Eeeyewww and blegh!! I have been officially PILLED!!

One of Mom's lady friends suggested crunchy peanut butter. That way I won't know until it's too late if that is a peanut or a pill, and by then it'll all be stuck to the roof of my mouth, and I'm going to get my pill whether I want it or not. I'm not a major peanut butter fan, but it's got to taste better than Clavamox. Why can't the pharmaceutical companies make peanut butter or chicken or cheese tasting pills, for goodness sake? Hmmmmmm????? I think I shall write them with my suggestions.


Mary-Margaret "The Pill" O'Brien

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