Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Today we're only working a half day. Old Town Temecula is hosting a "Rod Run". That means that people from all over the country will be bringing their spiffed-up old cars to show off and maybe even sell. We have to be out of our parking lot by 1:30PM or else. So we're going to take work home and hang out there.

I know my GrandPapa reads my diary every day. I just want him to know that I really miss him and love him and wish that we could come and see him. Really I do. We look forward to talking to him every day but I miss his hugs, and I miss keeping him company, and I miss him fixing my chicken for dinner. It always tastes better when GrandPapa fixes it. Mom can't drive so far in one day, or at all at night anymore. Maybe when she gets her new glasses it will be easier? Oh, I DO hope so.

Hugs and schlurpees to you, GrandPapa.

Until we meet again....



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