Friday, March 06, 2009

"Beverly Hills Chihuahua"

Every time the commercial comes on TV I get all excited and dance in front of the screen. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE movies about pups. I've never gotten to go to a real live movie theater but that's ok. I can watch videos when they come out.

I've been very good and haven't asked for very much at all lately. Maybe a bite of cookie (without the chocolate chip) or a taste of cake (with no frosting), but that's it. I'm very mindful of the current economy, and I do my part to help out. Being good really pays off.

Yesterday, we were at the market. At Von's, actually, where I'm very good friends with the Deli people, and I get samples of turkey or chicken or ham....oh! Sorry. I am digressing again. So many thoughts in my head, so little time to spit them out.

Back to the market. We're in the check-out line and WHOA! There is "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", just like I see it on TV, right there on a shelf, in the stand. The very LAST one on display. I tell my mom "Oh, LOOK!!", (without asking, of course!) and next thing you know, it's right there next to me in the kiddie seat of our cart. Right in front of my nose!! OHMYGAWSH! I think we're having a family day on Saturday, and we will watch my most favorite movie ever. I'll give you a complete review after I've seen it.

Oh, my heart be still. I am SOOOOO excited. Yup!

Later, dahlinks....

Mary-Margaret "Gone Hollywood" O'Brien


Shannon said...

Are you going to share? How was it?

Waiting with breath that is bated,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Is this the Shannon who is my personal trainer? Oh, I would be everly so happy to have you as a Blog Buddy.

Love, MMOB

MJ's doghouse said...

mary margaret i am so excited to wait for your review...please get your secretary to get busy...