Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've got that fresh, minty smile!

I had my dental done today. Dr. V pronounced me in EXCELLENT health, tooth-wise. None were removed; none were loose. No cavities and I don't need braces. And they are all polished to a high gloss. See?

Mom picked me up about 1:30PM and we took the rest of the day off doing errands, like getting the tires rotated, a smog-check (?) and the oil changed. There's an absolutely bee-yoo-ti-full lawn in front of the place and I made sure I left my scent. Good thing, too. A black lab came by after I left and I watched him through the window. I could tell he was VERY impressed with me. He even came back for a second whiff. Woo hoo!

Grinningly yours,


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cool dog checks said...

heheh, hey mom look at my teeth