Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What's more better than ONE MM?

TWO MMs is what. This is me and my very good friend, Mimi. She first met me when we were both babies. I guess you could say we're lifelong friends. Her mom was visiting the attorney across the hall and we both saw each other through our open doors.

She got on all fours and so did I. We both hunkered down and v-e-e-e-r-r-r-y stealthily (I think that's a word) we started stalking each other. And then, when we got really close, we both started laughing and hugging and tickling each other. We probably spent a whole hour in human time playing and visiting and just laying back breathing at each other.

That's one thing about being with a really good friend. You can be together and not even have to talk at all and you are still together, you know? I like that feeling. Sort of like we have one heart.

When it was time to go home we both got pretty sad. I walked across the hall to give Mimi a kiss good-bye. Then her mom wanted one, too. Well, of COURSE, I will kiss Mimi's mom. I just love that whole family. It was hard to leave, but it was harder to keep track of my mom. She kept forgetting stuff and if I turned my back she'd disappear back into the office. Now you see you don't. Over and over. So I gave Mimi a really nice kiss, and she gave me a hug and I walked Mom down to the car.

She forgot to put my leash on me but I didn't give her too much grief. I did sit down behind a bush just to rattle her. She said "You COME RIGHT NOW!" rather loudly, which embarrassed me, so I got up and very slowly walked over to her. She scooped me up and we got in the car to drive home. Like where am I going to go, hummmm?? There's a space under the building that squirrels go into, but I think I'm too big. If she keeps this up, we'll find out for sure. I'll bet that would be pretty interesting, don't you?

Oh...PS. Mom's getting new glasses again. She was supposed to have blended bifocals and she only got reading glasses. The problem with that is she can only see 16-18" from her face but not farther or closer. So she won't wear them at all and says she can see better without them anyway. She saw the Optician again and they're fixing things for her. People sure mess up a lot, huh? Tsk tsk. Such a shame.

Only 13 more days to St. Paddy's day. I'm hoping for corned beef, or at least some kind of brisket. I just LOVE roast beef.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien


BenTheRotti said...

aaawww Mimi looks just adorable, those mini two leggeds are such fun to play with.

love and tailwags,

Ben xxx

Deetz said...

What are you going to do with your mum, she is falling apart...can't see, losing things, etc etc etc....crazy mums.
I am glad you got to play with the tiny human...lil humans are so much funner then big ones

Kimberly said...

Hi Mary-Margaret! It's us, your NY friends! You look as beautiful as always. We have a friend who needs all the yorkie prayers he can get and we thought you could help. We wrote about him on our site ( his name is Riley and he has GME, which is a fatal condition. He has the best 2 mommies in the world and do you think you could keep him in your thoughts?

Thanks friend~

Sally and Rufus said...

Oh I love little ones and I just very upset when they cry on TV. You are so lucky to have a kid to play with we only have the uprights, boring.
Nice to meet ha, eh!
Sally from Canada

Sausha said...

Hello, Mary-Margaret, What a pretty friend you have. I just had to write and tell you I am going to get a little brisket on St. Patrick's toooo! Wheeeee.
Love, Sausha