Saturday, March 21, 2009

B H Chi Review & Long Term Kona Rentals

(Kona info at the bottom after the "PS")

After a few minutes of "no valid disc" notices flashing on the DVD player, Mom unplugged the cables and counted to ten. Then she plugged them back in again and the DVD player actually worked. Woo hoo. At long last!! The movie I've been waiting for finally started.

I actually stayed awake for the first half hour, too. Mom seemed to like it. The only thing that she really said, though, was that MY snoring was louder than the movie. Grumbled something about the audio was drowned out. Well, hello? Get a movie that actually makes sense? Silly woman. I go for the plot. At least "Firehouse Dog" kept one on the edge of their seat. Even "Winn-Dixie" provided a few surprises. But "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" was everly too predictable. Us pups deserve a bit more credit. We're not stupid.

Oh, sure. Given the material they had to work with, Chloe, Popi and Delgado gave pretty good performances. I can't say much for the Rat or the Iguana, though. Stereotypical casting for both of them. If either species has a union or national association, I think they should complain and receive a public apology for their portrayal as con artists and thieves. Hmmmm....thinking about it even more, I think the all of Dogdom deserves an apology, too, for being made to look either like a group of South Central LA gang members or a bunch of air headed, blinged-up frou frous.

Bottom line: If you want "more for your snore", go rent it when it goes on sale. Disney "doze" it again.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Mary-Margaret "The Critic" O'Brien

PS: My Aunt Allie who lives in Kona with my very good friends, Franklin and Lola, is in REAL ESTATE. As opposed to UNREAL Estate, I guess. She just made up her very own website about "Rentals in Kona", appropriately called "Rentals in Kona". She rents houses in Kona (on the "Big Island") and condos in Kona. If you want to rent something on the Kona side of the Big Island, call my Auntie Allie at 808-329-7000. Her broker is "C J Kimberly" and they can help you with short term and long term residential rentals in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

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Burning Moon said...

Oh my goodness, I couldn't disagree more. I LOVE Beverly Hills Chihuahua and bought it the first day it was in stores. I LOVE how it deals with dog fighting and shows that it isn't just "pit bulls" that are targeted. Any dog can be a victim of dog fighting rings, either by being forced to fight or by being bait dogs.
I also loved that Chloe learned that she doesn't HAVE to be frou frou. Maybe that will show people like Paris Hilton to put their dogs DOWN and let them walk from time to time.
Guess that's why they make all sorts of movies though. No one is going to like everything that someone else does right?