Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friends and Flowers

Banks are full of friendly people. We have several, but my most often favorites are two where all the tellers know my name. We went to both today. At my second bank, me and a little girl about my age ...maybe 3 1/2?...were in line and we were making eyes at each other. Little children and puppies have a thing, you know. We can talk to each other with our eyeballs, and that's absolutely true. The little girl had two yellow daisies in her hand. After we "googled" and "goggled" at each other for a bit, she very shyly came up to me and offered me one of her flowers.

Oh my goodness! I was everly so flattered. I said "Thank you!" as best I could without getting cross-eyed, and then Mom tucked it into my collar. Somehow that didn't feel right, though. So when we got back to the car, I asked very nicely if I could wear it in my hair. Mom put the stem through my top-knot (that's what she calls it) and here's what I look like. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers, don't you?

Back at the office we had surprise company. Yup. Shannon came back with her daughter, Marli, and her two pupsters, Cody and Candy. She's the darker tan pup on the right. They both very thoughtfully left their scent for me so I wouldn't forget them. Shannon was a little embarassed, but she knows where the paper towels are and that's what counts. I don't mind a bit. People Graffiti...Pups GraPeePee. It's our way of being memorialized forever.

I hope you all had a "Friends and Flowers" Day, too!

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Anonymous said...

Mary Margaret has the cutest face ever, other than my dog (of course)! Thanks for sharing the photo!