Monday, February 02, 2009

Goog-goog-googly eyed!

Rats. I told Mom to hurry up and get the camera out, but she said "Shush...I'm trying to drive!". There was one of those sign guys on the corner in a PINK body suit and WHITE diapers waving a pizza sign. Finally, she finds the camera just about the same time the guy spots ME staring at him. He covers his bare little pink body suit and baggy white diapers with the sign. I'll bet he was embarrassed. Imagine standing in public like that and having a Yorkette staring and laughing at you.

Hee hee made my day.

(I apologize for the lousy quality of the picture but, like she says, she WAS driving, trying not to rear end the person in front of us AND find the camera AND take the picture all at the same time. Not MY fault, though!)


Mary-Margaret "Googly-eyes" O'Brien


Tigersan said...

Seeing things like that would cause me to do a double and triple take... me would need a picture to prove me wasn't crazy with what was sawn!

Wow, doing all that... what a multitasker :)

Deetz said...

Your mum drives and takes pictures too? How cool