Saturday, February 07, 2009

My "Ghetto Leash"

Last month, Mom lost her eyeglasses the day after her eye surgery. She probably couldn't have seen with them anyway, but she says it's the principle of the thing. This month, we are SOOOO busy that yesterday, my mom couldn't find the top of her desk. She also has lost my leash, and now she says she thinks she's lost her mind. If you find it, best you leave it where it is or risk the consequences, I tell you.

I can live with most of that, but the leash thing has to get resolved. I mean, I had to go O-U-T yesterday afternoon. Mom and Shannon (my new assistant) looked everywhere for my leash and couldn't find it. Personally, I think maybe someone filed it under "L" for "lost", but know....when you have to "go", you have to "GO", right?

The ladies finally found a spool of bright orange curly ribbon. "Noooooooooo.... please.... not that", I said. But that was all they had. So here's me on the end of a RIBBON. I took care of business pretty quick and raced back to the office. Shannon knew right away how embarrassed I was. First thing when we skidded back in the door was finding the scissors and cutting off what Shannon calls my "Ghetto Leash".

We are going to work all this weekend to get caught up. I'm betting we find my leash just as soon as we find Mom's desk top. Ohhhhhh, the humiliation of it all.




MJ's doghouse said...

oh poor mary margaret obrien..a ghetto leash...i remember one day when i accidentally chewed through my leash...i was just a dad used his abotu embarrassing....but ribbon...well at least it is girly....hope your momma finds your good one soon...personally i think your mom should get you one of those prada leashes

chick said...

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