Thursday, February 12, 2009

Me and Dr. "V"

This is my most favorite Doctor in the whole world that I've known ever since I was a baby. Her name is Melanie Verreault and I call her "Dr. V".

Yesterday, I had a runny nose and I coughed maybe three times. Mom said I sounded like I was yucking up a hairball. I didn't barf or anything but you know Mom. Off we went to the vet's in Temecula (NOT Dr. V, though). No x-rays, didn't even ask me to take a deep breath. And $73.00 plus some later for antibiotics, I'm outta there.

My mom, the investigator, just wasn't comfy with the diagnosis so she started checking stuff out on the internet. Pills she was charged $1.00 for could be bought for $0.33; pills she paid over $3.00 each for were $1.32. Even that she could have handled, but when she asked if one of the girls could cut a pill into 4 pieces for me, they wanted to charge us a "pill cutting" fee. That pushed her over the edge. So she tracked down my very good friend, Dr. V, and made an appointment for me.

Dr. V answers questions and gives my mom options, and she doesn't have a "pill cutting fee". And she gives me loves and kisses and I know I'm going to be very safe with her no matter what. I'm fine, healthy, maybe a little overweight (but aren't we all?), my teeth need cleaning but that's no biggie. Maybe that'll get rid of my morning breath?

We took back some of the pills to the first vet and said thank you, but we couldn't afford them, and Mom's ordering some from, with Dr. V's prescription. We all have to watch our wallets and our piggy banks these days. And it's not just about the money, it's about common sense health care. Veterinarians and doctors are in the health care business, not the retail pharmaceutical business. If a patient's mother says they can't afford something, they should be given options to make decisions according to their own ability and conscience.

(Hi..this is MEEEE.....Mom got on her soap box toward the end there. Let's just call that a "technical difficulty beyond my control". Mostly I just wanted to share my beautiful, wonderful Dr. V with you all. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her sooooooooooo much!)

Kisses and schlurpies...



Deetz said...

That is insane the amount of overcharge in this economy. Its all a scam. I am so glad that your mummy takes good care of you and took you to the doctor. She looks like a nice doctor. As far as the teeth goes, just eat more snackies, it cleans the teeth. Tell your mum that!

Sausha said...

Dear Mary-Margaret, I quite agree with you about the money (distasteful subject). Your mom is very astute. You and Dr. V look like a much better match than some old veterinary "facility" that wants to charge a PILL-splitting FEE, for heaven's sake! Hugs and belly rubs, from Sausha

MJ's doghouse said...

sometimes my mommy will get her doctor to write a prescription for her...and go to the normal pharmacy..(obviously that is only when it is a normal prescription) and it saves tons of money...but normally we have a very thoughtful vet...