Friday, February 20, 2009

From Parakeet to Pomeranian

Yesterday I was telling you all about how all my mom could do was squeak at me. She sounded like a parakeet chirping, I thought. Today, she is barking like a Pomeranian. Her laryngitis (thank you, Aunt Elaine) seems to be getting better. Didn't matter much to me, though, I spent all day at my spa, relaxing and having a bubble bath, massage, getting my nails done and my hair styled. It was "Yorkie" Day, I think.

My goodness, Miss Marilyn adopted the sweetest little Yorkie girl named Madison. Sadie was there, and Lexie and Beamer and MEEEEE! We had the very best time ever.
This is Madison and Sadie. Sadie was getting blow-dried which is how come she looks so fluffy.

This is Sadie on top and Madison on the bottom. I just LOVE Yorkie Day. We have so much to catch up on, you know?

After work we went to the bank and Miss Gina, my very good friend there, gave me some duck jerky. She even cut it in little pieces and handed it to Miss Xochitl (pronounced "Soshi"), who let me inhale it all. Oh YUM!! I do LOVE duck jerky. Gina kept watching to make sure I didn't upchuck the whole thing like last time. Well, thinking about it, it wasn't MY fault that she gave me a whole really long piece without cutting it up for me. No harm done, though. The counter top at the bank wipes clean like "spiff!!". Yup. Just like that.

Then we went to the market. I was pretty tuckered out, actually, and just sat quietly in my seat like I was asleep with my eyes open. People talked to me but I don't remember what they said. All I could think about was getting home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my home. Good things are there like dinner, TV, and sleeping. And especially my feather pillow. Comfy!

Did I mention that my Aunt Elaine sent me a postcard from Washington, D.C.? Wow...I am very impressed. She got to go to The Inaugeration. I hope I spelled that right. Us pups don't "inaugerate" much unless we are visiting a fire hydrant. I would have been happy to help "inaugerate" our new President, too. Here's me reading my postcard.



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Lacy said...

w00f's MM, me glad u enjoyed ur day at the spa...its fun to c old friends and make new ones..

b safe,

pps, sorry me iz late, we soo behind in bloggie reading...mama slow..