Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby, It's COLD Outside

You all probably already know that me and my mom share a bed. She gets the left side; I get the right. I have a down feather pillow that, once properly fluffed and rearranged by MEEEEE, is very comfortable. That's where I fall asleep.

Sometimes, maybe about 4 or 5 AM (we have a digital clock, so I KNOW what time it is) I get a little chilly and skootch under the covers to nestle against something warm. Yup. That would be my mom. She radiates heat and doesn't wiggle much at that time in the morning. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Warm and cozy. Mmmmmmmm! Zzzzzznnnooooorrrrkk!

She wakes up about 7:30AM and lays there for a bit thinking about her day. Then she starts talking to me. Like "Hello? I'm still sleeping?", I say, but that never stops her. I stay still, hoping maybe she'll fall back to sleep, but no.

Pretty soon I hear "Good MORNING, Mary-Margaret!", and she nuzzles me. I kiss her nose and flip on my back. She gives me raspberries on my tummy (she says it's on my belly button, but honestly, I have NO idea what or where that might be!), and then she puts on her bathrobe. I get scooped up and stuffed inside her bathrobe and we walk downstairs. She says she doesn't want me to get chilled right away, and I should warm up gradually.

"Gradually", to her, is until we get downstairs and she opens the slider for me to go out. EGADS! There's ICE on the lawn. OHMYGAWSHALLMIGHTY! I dash outside, looking for either a spot in the sun where the ice has started to melt, OR a spot really close to the patio, and I take care of my morning business. Then I absolutely race back to my little doggie door and hop back inside.

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! I don't mind the cold much, but when our thermostat inside says 51• after we've put the heat on, I question my mother's sanity. This morning, I just ran up the stairs and hopped back into bed. The newsman on the TV said it was 35•, and that was about 8:00AM (according to the digital). Mom just takes a deep breath and smiles. I think she was a polar bear in a former life.

Love and fuzzies...

Mary-Margaret "Ice Princess" O'Brien


Lacy said...

w00f's MM, heehee it wuz in the single digits here last week...like 9*...its gotten sum warmer now..

b safe,

FleasGang said...

Brrr is right, MM! 51 on the INSIDE is just too cold. You are always welcome to hope the train and spend your mornings with us if you'd like. Where it's always a balmy 70 degrees inside. :-)

Shelly & Tommy

MJ's doghouse said...

i do the same thing mmo....but..when dad is away it is best...when mom and dad are here i sleep in between them and hear lots of naughty language cuz they dont understand how i can take up more of the bed than either of them

MJ's doghouse said...

oh MMO...I do love your blog....my mom still thinks your mom and you shold write a little book about your blog...this story would be a very fun one....

Samantha: said...

Bbrrrrrrrr! Even tho I have an extra undercoat, that sounds super frigidocious! Great blog! I have an award for you, so c'mon by for info!

Sparky said...


I love to snuggle under my humans blankets beside her too. It's so comfy and warm! But man, to be thrown outside into the frosty world, what horror! I know how you feel, my friend. The transition from warmth to freezing is not gradual, not at all.

I hope you're feeling warmer again now.