Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Eyelashes got Whacked!

I don't know what happened. It's not like there's a mirror at my stylist's place or anything. But I've been working really hard on my eyelashes. They were maybe 3" long and curled up on the ends. It made me look very feminine, which mattered a lot to me since ...well, quite honestly? From the top, us Yorks look the same whether we're boys or girls. Even boys wear bows, did you know that? But it was my eyelashes that set me apart. A flutter here, a flutter there....and the world was mine.

Mom picked me up on Friday and the very first thing she says is "WHERE are your EYELASHES?".'re asking MEEEE (I said)? Oh, yup. After checking myself out I see that my eyelashes are exactly the same length as my eyebrows and blend in perfectly. Egads!! Those took me months to grow, too. Rats! That explains why the guy in the market kept telling me I was a "good little boy" and saying, "He's such a good doggy". Oh, well. They'll grow again, I guess. Next time, I will wear a sticker saying DONT TRIM THE EYELASHES, or something like that.

My mom still can't talk. It's going on four days now. She says she (quote) "Feels like crap!", and I can vouch for that. Starting about 3:30 this morning she couldn't stop coughing. From my observations, when people have laryngitis the following happens:

1) Some people start whispering to them, like maybe they should turn down their volume, too;
2) Some folks, despite knowing that Mom can't talk without pain, say "Would you repeat that? I didn't understand you".
3) Other people say stuff like "I didn't mean to upset you", interpreting Mom's struggle to be understood as barking, yelling, and being mad. The only thing that's upsetting to her is that she CAN'T TALK!
4) Some folks and pups might take advantage at her inability to talk. I did, for one day, but after that it wasn't fun any more. Nope! No challenge there whatsoever.

God made humans special in that they can think, reason, have feelings AND communicate. (Ok...and some pups can do that, too, but not as many are given credit for those abilities as should be, in my opinion. Anyway, back to the subject.. ahem....sorry....I have opinions, you know.) When you drop "communication" ....make that "HONEST communication"... from that equation, the rest is moot. (I like that word "moot"...hee hee hee...MOOT MOOT MOOT!!... Sorta like "SQUAB SQUAB SQUAB" from "Two and a Half Men", but I digress again here.)

She says that she appreciates her friends and her family for understanding and caring, and for being honest with her in their communications with her and about her. And for the record, I appreciate that, too!

Love you guys (smooooooch!)...

Mary-Margaret "The Interpreter" O'Brien

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