Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Eve!!

My very good friend, Gina, at the bank is who I picked to give a Valentine's Day pressie to. Well, good gosh, it's not like I can go shopping by myself or anything, and it's really hard to get the money out of my piggy bank anyway. I saw my mom on the computer with and noticed that she got me a bag of duck jerky, probably for a surprise. Well, HAH! I surprised her by changing the "1" to a "2" and my order arrived today. Hallelujah!

I figure if I go bonkers over a treat, my very good friend Gina will love it, too. So when we went into the bank tonight, I got my mom to hide Gina's present inside her jacket. Oh, I was SOOOO excited. I was beside myself with JOY. Finally, we got to see Gina and I just couldn't wait to give her my present. Gina is the one who first introduced me to the everly so delicious Duck Jerky.

"Oh, Mary-Margaret! How NICE of you!", she said. I skootched across the counter and pointed at the Duck Jerky. I wanted to make sure she knew that I loved it, too. In case she wanted to share, you know. After what seemed to me to be a dog year, she finally opened the baggie and gave me one whole long strip. Oh, boy!, I thought. Usually I just get a teensy little piece and here I have the WHOLE thing. My mom asked Gina if she broke off a tiny piece and ...well, I knew what was coming next.

Mom pries my mouth open and fishes around for the jerky and it's not there. Well, of course not, silly woman (I say), I saw you coming. She lets go of my mouth, and I hack it up and start chewing again. Then she grabs my schnozz and makes me say "Ah!" again. Nope. Mine mine MINE...and I'm NOT sharing (I say), and I make it disappear. Aaaaaaack, I start to gag and hack and ...kablooey! Urp! Blegh! And there it is, all soggy and wet about 2 inches from Gina's keyboard along with a bunch of spit and stuff. I try to grab it back and Gina snatches it away, wraps it neatly in a napkin and tosses it in the trash.

I glare. How RUDE!! This is not what friends do. Apparently, they both had second thoughts about the injustice of it all, too. Gina got out another piece and cut me a really small bite. I'll take what I can get, I told her, and I swallowed it whole. Same thing with another piece. I'll bet if they hadn't gotten me to hack up the first strip, I'd still be enjoying it. Just because I started choking and couldn't breathe or anything, I don't suppose they thought it might be their fault in the first place?

I think next year I'll just pass on the holiday.

Happy Valentines Day to EVERYBODY!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

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