Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Day or Stop the Renegade BREEDERS

Where I was born: Elkland, Missouri - Rippee Kennels aka T&J Kennels

This makes me so very sad. I bet if I didn't have an inguinal hernia when I was born the kennel would have kept ME for breeding. This report was last written about a year after I was shipped off to California, operated on, and thrown into a pet store window where I was lucky enough to meet my mom when I was only nine weeks old.

Want to see what a report on a PUPPY MILL looks like? Where my birth mother and birth father lived? I wonder if they made it out of there or if I'm now technically an orphan, figuratively speaking. Poor "Mom" and "Dad". Did I even have brothers or sisters? Hutches, piles of poop, on the water....oh, I can't go on. You must read for yourselves.

T & J Kennels which stands for Tom and Jean Rippee, my parents' jailers.

Once my mom called Mrs. Rippee and asked if my birth mother, Sissy's TooToo, was still there. They didn't even know who she was exactly. I wonder if my birth certificate is even real or if that's made up?

My heart is breaking for all the pups who come into the world like so much chattel. Sold into slavery...shackled and chained....oh, the WOE of it all.

Celebrate advocates of freedom today with the recognition of Martin Luther King's birthday, and celebrate the eventual freedom of all God's creatures from bondage and mistreatment.

"We shall over come.....!!" (sniff....!)

Underground Railroad Survivor...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien,
Free Free Free At Last!!


Lisa said...

Hi Mary-Margaret,
I couldn't bring myself to read up on the kennels it always makes me so sad to see/hear what some people do to pups, kitties, etc. But I'm so glad you were adopted by your loving mom and its such a bonus that we get to read about all of your adventures. Keep up the good work!

Heartprints Pets said...

What a truly profound post, Mary-Margaret! Thank God you got out and your Mom found you. I work in rescue and have seen these horrific places and the poor little souls who are forced to exist this way. It's so, so heartbreaking. These "people" are just evil. The voters in the state of Mo. voted to regulate and make things better for these poor dogs, but there are some folks who are greedy who are trying to stop the changes. It's very sad, Mary-Margaret. Thank you for being a voice for your fellow pups.

<3 Lisa Bregant