Wednesday, January 19, 2011



Mom and I both thank you for your support last week. We garnered 161 votes which seemed a lot until we saw the winners. Stevie & Zoe Spumoni, both cats, got 1310 and 1104 votes, respectively. This week, we're voting for Piper. If she gets in the finals this week, & next week we can place another Yorkie & theNEXT week....then maybe we have a chance to designate a donation for a YORKIE group. GO YORKIES!!

Shellackedly yours...


1 comment:

Zoe Marie CupiecakePeanut Spumoni said...

Wowies!!! Woo gotted wots uf votes, too! Comgwadoowayshons! I fawt it was be so saddiful dat sum dibnt get eny vobes-not eeben one fwum darew mommy or daddies!!!

I was be sooooo onnewed to gets 2nd an soooooooo jaw dwoppiful an pwowdiful dat da top 2 was be bwind!

Gewdiful wuck dis week!

YAYAYAY to awl da furbabees owt darew jus fo bein' woos! I wuv woo!!! Mwah!