Monday, January 24, 2011

A BEAUTIFUL day in the Neighborhood!

Fallbrook, CA this morning around 11:00AM...maybe mid 70's...clear skies...puffy clouds...! Fallbrook smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers to me. I just love this place.

We were at a nursery that grows all kinds of plants and flowers for shipment to other nurseries all over the country, but driving along Reche Canyon long past the nursery there lingered an amazing scent...aroma....perfume. I was absolutely mesmerized and everly close to heaven. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

Love and blessings...



Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous ♥

You are sooo lucky to live in a warm climate. All I can do these days is go out potty and run back in quickly due to very cold temps. we are having :o(
Enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful aromas :o)

Neeko ♥

Lisa said...

Enjoy. We're in Michigan and Ozzy's doing the same thing Neeko is.

Hailey said...

We agree with you MM! Fallbrook is beautiful!!!!! We get to there during long drives! We are about 2 hours away from there! Maybe on one of our drive we will see you and wave hi!!!!!

Hugs & smoochies!!!
Hailey & Lala