Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Grandpa....

Mom says I should write you and tell you what's happening in my life. Mostly nothing too exciting. Friday I got to go to Miss Marilyn's Puppy Day Spa (she calls it Prime Cuts) and got a bath, got my hair styled, my nails done, my teeth brushed and I got to play with my friends Abby (a Bichon Frise), Shadow (a black poodle), Zak and Chelsea (Maltese), and my very BFF Madison. Madison is feeling much better now, if you're wondering. Remember I told you she was taking steroids for a little medical condition she had? They worked pretty much and she's finally "deflating".

Last night I went out for my "before bedtime" squat and figured the night was perfect for going on safari. After about 10 minutes Mom's yelling "Get in here, young lady!" and I'm not hearing her. Nope....I can't hear her so I don't have to do what she says. She gets out her high-powered 3-C battery flashlight and scans the entire yard, slope and side yards. No Mary-Margaret. She yells some more, and I still don't hear her. She says "Fine! Stay out in the cold all night. I'm going to bed!", and she slams the screen shut but leaves the slider open.

I'm ok, I personal door is still accessible. I play some more but it's no fun if there's no one looking for you. Even my good friend Pooka next door has gone inside. I give up and hop into the house, wet feet and all, and I go upstairs. "Nice of you to come in, Mary-Margaret, "oo widdle chit 'ed!" (she mumbles the last part). Huh? What's that again? Did I hear her call me a "little shit head"?? She curls her lip at me. I very nicely ask her to pick me up. She does and then she squeals, "Eeeeeyeeeeeeeeeeeewwww! Your feet are wet!". "Hah!", (I think). "One for the little shit head, zero for Mom! I win tonight!"

I love my life!!

Mary-Margaret, Squirrel and Mouse Hunter

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