Sunday, March 07, 2010

Warm and Toasty!

It was a little nippy out today. It rained a little bit and was sort of windy. The weather had what you might call a "bite" in it.

Me and Mom stayed in and balanced bank statements. One was pretty hard to do, too. Silly thing was first off $144.75, then $105.00 then this...then that. Finally, we got it down to only $0.10. Yup. Ten lousy cents.

Now if it was up to MEEEEE, I would make an "adjustment" somewhere and let it go but not Mom. She is one of those detail people that can't stand being even a penny off. The poor adding machine wore out where the gears make the paper roll move. But did she give up even then? NOOOOO!!! She just turned the "print" button off and kept going.

Eureka! (I heard her say) She added two refunds together in her head, which she should know better by now, considering this has happened before but....oh, I'm getting off track. She came up with $46.21 and it should have been (Like I told her) $46.11.

So what do I do while she's fooling around with her bookkeeping stuff?

I sit in front of our little space heater that blows hot air and pretend I'm relaxing on a sunny beach someplace.

PS - Notice how the warm breeze enhances my new hair-do?

I love my life!


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Lisa said...

Love the hair. Love the shine. You're gorgeous Mary Margaret!