Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Speaking of Albertsons.....

This is my VERY good friend, Janet. She works at the Customer Service counter. Sometimes she sneaks up on me to give me a hug and I am everly so excited to see her.

Other times, I spy on her and stare and stare and STARE until she feels my eyeballs absolutely boring a hole in her head. Then she sees me and we get all silly and excited, and we just can't get enough of each other.

I love all the people at Albertson's, though. It's just that Janet and I have been very close ever since I was only nine weeks old. She was my first friend there. She knows what a puppy likes. We have a very special relationship. We are so nutsy about each other that sometimes we even draw a crowd, and they laugh and play and everybody gets happy.

Yup! First rule for a Yorkette is to "Make friends with your neighborhood grocer!"

I just LOVE Janet!

Have a great day.....


PS: She has a Chocolate Lab named "Crash" that I am really hoping to meet soon. He even has his very own house in their back yard. Like....is that KEWL or what??

PPS: Tsk..! You'd think my mom would learn to keep her finger off the camera lens by now, wouldn't you? Hmmmmmmmm??


Sandra said...

Lovely and nice =)

elaine said...

Must you pick on your mom, M-M? ha ha
Janet seems so nice. It is easy to see how much you both like each other.
love you