Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mom's New 'Droid!

10:45AM - Arrive at Verizon store. They take our name.

11:10AM - Finally - we get called.

11:15AM - Decide on what phone and what plan

12:30PM - Finish up paperwork, find out about "all the little extras", and how much it's REALLY going to cost, but we're exhausted and want to get out of there, so we commit to double what we'd planned on. It's ok. We're getting "rebates" if we can remember to get the paperwork in on time.

12:45PM - pick up Double-Double for Mom and one hamburger patty "neat" for me at to office.

1:00PM - Mom figures out how to turn phone back on.

3:00PM - AHA...There's the camera (And she had to wake ME up to figure it out?)

4:30PM - Still reading instructions......

Isn't technology grand?? Give me two orange juice cans and a string any day!

Love, Mary-Margaret


Joanie said...

Funny, I just got my droid as well. I got a call and didn't know how to answer. :-)

elaine said...

Don't forget to send me the new number, M-M and M.
love from all of us with our T-Mobile with a little over a year to go. :)