Saturday, March 13, 2010

Freeway Fun!!

We took GrandPapa's phone to him yesterday. Mom's so thoughful. She figured she'd drive up there, have lunch and then come home. What's that, maybe 4 hours on the freeway and 2 hours for lunch? Maybe six hours total? Maybe? If you think so, you don't live in Los Angeles.

Getting there was pretty easy. We left the house at 10:24AM (we have a digital clock...who needs to know how to tell time?) and got there about 12:10PM. We picked up GrandPapa and went to my favorite restaurant, Carrow's. I said "Hello" to all my friends and then hunkered down for a nap while Mom and GP (short for GrandPapa) had lunch.

We dropped GP back at his apartment at 2:28PM and hopped back ...make that NAVIGATED the 90. From the "90" to the "105" was a breeze. From the 105 to the 605 was ok and so it was from the 605 to the 91. But YEGADS...the 91? "arf vey" (in humanese, that would be "oy vey") was slow. By the time we hit the 55 interchange it became a parking lot. Two hours from the 55 to the 15 interchange and it usually only takes maybe 20 minutes or so. Howeverrrrr.......this is fine by me.

We're going so slow (if we're moving at all) that we roll down the windows and open the sun roof. I stand up and say "Hello!" to anyone who feels friendly, which is actually a lot of people. If Mom sees a "friend" (defined as another person of the canine pursuasion), she gets all excited and says "Doggie Doggie Doggie!". That's my cue to zero in on my compadre...sorry, make that "com PAW dre"...and play the game.

First we catch each other's eye and wag hello. Then we pass....they they pass...then we pass...then they pass. This goes on for about ten miles and every time we pass we "Arf" at each other. See photo? It's everly so much fun and makes a long time in the car go faster.

About the was taken on Mom's new Droid phone. She's getting the hang of it, and actually cracked open the teensy little manual that came with it this morning. She's got her gmail account and her voice mail accounts set up, and she's learning that when she's got a touch screen she's got to be very careful about where she touches. This can get out of hand. If you remember the trouble she had keeping her finger off the camera lens in her RazR phone, you'll know how difficult all this new technology is for her.

She is stubborn, though. Already Jami and Seka's dad laughed at her and gave her grief over getting a 'Droid. Which, if you know her, only makes her more determined to prevail. So this morning, she's actually reading the instructions. Meanwhile, it took about six shots to get one of my new Maltese friend on the freeway. She had taken pictures of her head, the steering wheel, the floor of our car (yuck) and me before she finally got it pointed in the right direction.

My heart stopped a few times as I pictured us plowing into the rear of the little Jeep in front of us, but we got lucky. And NO, wasn't your skill as a driver. You scare me like that again and I will PERSONALLY see to it that you don't find your cell phone for a long long time.

Cheerfully yours,



Kimberly said...

Hi Mary-Margaret! Yes, we moved to West Virginia because our mom got a new job (YAY)! We live about 2 minutes south of Hagerstown, MD. Maybe we can have a playdate sometime, our mom loves to take us on road trips!
Simon & Hallie

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Only 126 miles away from our house. YAYYYYY...Road Trip! Road Trip!

Lisa said...

You and your mom are so much fun Mary-Margaret. Have a great week!