Friday, March 26, 2010

Springtime Itchies!

Allergy time for me. A few sneezes, a lot of scratching. I get hives and hay fever when it's spring time.

Mom's got the baby Benedryl and she gives me a squirt ..make that HALF a squirt...and it helps some. But it tastes soooooo yucky. I manage to spit most of it back at her. She's taken to layering herself with towels before she plays nurse maid. Otherwise she ends up all pinky splotchy.

Mostly she's pretty patient, but sometimes I really get into this chewing and scratching, and she kind of loses it. "YEGADS!!", she yells. "WILL YOU STOP THAT?". "Oh sure", (I say) "I'm SOOO sorry my torment and torture annoys you". Then I start nibbling at my foot (or paw or whatever) when she's not looking. She's even thrown a pillow at me, as if that would help?

I REALLY PREFER WINTER! It's so much more enjoyable sitting in front of a fireplace or heater. Also it's fun to poop on the snow and watch the little pile slowly melt it's way down to the earth below, steaming all the while. Fascinating, I tell you. Everly so intriguing what you can do in snow.

Itchingly yours,

Mary-Margaret "Snow Bunny" O'Brien


April said...

Rosie, my Cavalier is greatly suffering with spring allergies. Scratching constantly, she gets some bloody spots! Tonight it will be 12 degrees so hopefully she will have a small respite.


MJ's doghouse said...

i feel your itchies and itch some more mary margaret...i also prefer the winter...all those flowery weeds and stuff drive me nutty...and my mom is a bit crazy too about throwing stuff at me to stop me from biting...whats a girl to do