Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas and....Well, Crud!!

I love Christmas...decorations, yummies and stuff. And cards....especially Christmas cards. If you look at our office you'll see that MOST of the cards are to MEEEEEEEE. From MY friends.

About the "Well, Crud!" comment, I would have said something else but Mom "hushed" me. I got a card from my Auntie Elaine in Tampa today. I KNEW it was for me. Like...nobody else BUT me gets postcards, right? Anyway....Mom read it out loud to me and Shannon. And then, because I was hopping up and down, saying "MINE! MINE! MINE!", Mom handed me the card.

It smelled like Brighton, NY. It smelled just like my Auntie Elaine, which reminds me of my VERY good friends, AbbeyMia, Harper and Piper. Which makes me hungry. (Don't's a dog thing!)

So...I sniffed, I licked, I kissed, and I shredded and I was just about to digest the whole thing when Mom and Shannon absolutely SHRIEKED at me. "NO NO NO"....and I got the whole thing picked up and headed for the trash when my mom intercepted Shannon. It's in a baggie now. Mom says she's going to reassemble it (like a jigsaw puzzle) and put it with my card collection where it belongs.

I guess humans have a totally different idea of how one is to enjoy post cards.



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