Saturday, December 19, 2009

Six more days - Santa's EVERYWHERE!

Here's me on my way to work Friday. Notice I'm thinking about all I have to do at the office. I dressed very professionally, too, wearing my school jumper and white blouse. I kept it pretty neat all day, too, despite all the excitement.

As soon as I got there I smelled my very good friend, Robert. I TOLD Mom he was there and she didn't believe me. Well, HAH! He came up to see ME in my office later and told Mom that he took the shell off the back of his truck so she didn't recognize it. I can't explain it, but I get all like jelly inside when I see ...(sigh)...Robert. Shannon snorts at me and says need to get over it, but I have a special feeling for him. I do!

Here's what we did today instead of a report - sat for two hours at DCH Honda in Temecula. Last night the light came on that means we need to get some maintenance done. Mom freaked out...I didn't. I TOLD her...chill. Still, at 4:55PM she screeches into the Honda dealer and blithers all over herself about this silly light. They are very helpful there. They also agreed with me and told her that just means we need an oil change or some other routine maintenance. So we made an appointment for 10:15AM today.

Mom took a book; I took my Christmas dress. There was a sign saying that Santa would be there on Saturday and Sunday. I took that to mean the REAL Santa and I wasn't going to miss out. Sure enough, at 11:00AM Santa's helper came and got me and took a bunch of pictures. This guy was very nice and loving and asked me what I wanted for Christmas and EVERYTHING A SANTA IS SUPPOSED TO DO. He also didn't have hairy arms.

I made a lot of friends and gave out lots of kisses. I'm more of a people person than my mom is. I think she's gotten a little shy in her old age. That's ok. I love her anyway.

We got our oil changed, air filter, oil filter, window washer fluid, tires rotated, new brakes, new pads...the whole kaboodle. This is our way of saying Merry Christmas to our car. Good thing we saved our money, huh?

Then we went to Barnes & Noble and got our Christmas books, and to the office to get our mail, and to the market to get our sparkly cider. We're ready...bring it on!!!

Only six more days....




elaine said...

You look so beautiful in your Christmas dress, Mary-Margaret.
love your Brighton family

Lisa said...

Love your Christmas dress and you and your mom.
Have a Blessed Merry Christmas