Monday, December 21, 2009

OHMYGAWSH! Dolly from Puppy School!

When I was a little Yorkette I went to Puppy School and made some ever-lasting friends. Dolly the Oripei (gee, I hope I spelled that right!) was one of them. Her mom was in MY bank today and she REMEMBERED MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I couldn't believe my ears. Dolly's mom remembered me! Wow.

Dolly has a new sister, Jezebel, who I haven't met yet but she smells really nice. I can tell who's been where by the way their humans smell. And Margie, their mom, smelled really good. The picture is Dolly and Baxter (the Brittany Spaniel). That was about 3 1/2 years ago. I wonder how big Dolly is now?

Here's another pic of me and my students. This is back when I was ..(ahem?)..."Mentoring" the little ones, back in June 2006, when I was only nine months old:

Here's me breaking up another squabble. This time between Dolly the Oripei, and Reese, the little Cairn terrier. She's so funny. She hoards the toys and stockpiles them just behind the little tree. She's got a mouth on her that could get her into trouble. I'm having a stern talk with her and she is listening to what I have to say.

Gina wasn't working today which made me sad. I looked absolutely EVERYWHERE for her. I even went to the back of the bank as far as I could, then I got in line and stood up as high as I could on my tippy-toes. No Gina today. How disappointed can I get?

Seeing Margie and visiting with her just made my day, though. It's nice to keep in touch with old friends. I told her to say "Hi" for me.



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