Friday, December 18, 2009

SEVEN more days! Christmas Spirit?

Sometimes it seems like people get angry and up-tight about Christmas. They gripe about not having money, wonder where they'll go for dinner, and spend money they don't have so someone will have a super-dooper over-the-top present that they'll "ooh" and "ahhh" over but forget about in a matter of days.

Whenever we'd see a commercial asking for money, or saying "Christmas is all about all children having a present under the tree!", we'd cringe. We watched the neighbors putting up their Christmas trees and we were debating over whether or not we should dust off the tree in the garage and hang ornaments on it, or if we should buy a new one...(problems problems, right?)...and then we heard about a single mom who had her power cut off and couldn't afford to pay the deposit to get it turned back on.

Mom wrote her a check for $100 and quietly gave it to her, without asking for publicity or anything else. I told Mom that having my family was the best present I could ask for, and not to get me anything this year. Mom told me to keep my money in my piggy bank, too, and that she felt the same way.

Then, a miracle happened. We started singing Christmas carols, and we smiled as we drove through our neighborhood admiring all the lights. We started planning on what we were going to do to celebrate our Lord's birth, and decided we'd splurge on a new book from Barnes & Noble, buy some Orville Redenbacher buttery popcorn and Martinelli's sparkly cider, and snuggle under the afghan while watching movies and reading our new book (we're partial to Phillipa Gregory's fact-filled fiction about English history).

We feel really happy, blessed and light hearted. Christmas Spirit for us, anyway, is feeling love and having a happy heart, knowing that you are blessed with good health, good friends, and good family all year around.

May you all have the opportunity to give to someone in need this Christmas and feel the magic of the season, too.

Love and kisses...


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elaine said...

M-M, you and your mom have the real spirit of Christmas. What a wonderful gift to the single mom in need.
Our momma, sister Jennifer and the three of us watched two movies together two nights ago. We cuddled on the couch in the den, under a quilt and with the fire going in the fireplace and watched "My Sister's Keeper" (tissues needed) and "Julie and Julia" (so well done and fun to watch).
It is such fun doing family things like that together.
We love you.
abbey mia, harper and piper