Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry After-Christmas!

'Tis the day after Christmas
And all through the kitchen
The micro-wave buzzes
Heating left-over chicken

And turkey and stuffing,
And cranberry and cake,
With my eyes wide open
I eat all I can take!

I'm tossed skimpy morsels
Of some left-over yummy;
And what falls to the floor
I now add to my tummy.

Mom shakes her head.
"Finish whats on YOUR plate!
Think of those starving Chinese
Children - they'd appreciate!"

I guzzle, I slobber
I slurp and I gobble
Til' my bowl is empty
And I can barely hobble

"Ohhhh", I groan and I moan,
and I belch, burp and wheeze.
But I'm proud of myself...
I saved the Chinese!!!

(Consider me an Ambassador of Good Will to China?)

Your humble servant...

Mary-Margaret "Urp" O'Brien


elaine said...

You are the most talented little yorkie that we know, M-M (and your mom is pretty talented, too).
auntie elaine, abbey mia, harper, and piper

Anonymous said...

I've been looking all over for this!