Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Claus?

Guess who I was supposed to see today? Hmmmmmm?

So I got this red velvet dress put on me (with white snowflakes and sparklies on the skirt). Then I got handed off to a fat guy in a red velvet suit, wearing a white beard that kept slipping off (causing the mustache to fall into his mouth), a cheap watch and thin white cotton gloves. He had hairy arms that hung out below his sleeves(his suit was a little small).

Mom kept saying "SMILE!", the camera lady kept trying to make me look up, and the chubby guy said nothing because, I think, the beard kept gagging him. "What do you want for Christmas", I heard. "Tell Santa!". I glared. The dress was way too hot and this isn't working for me. I admit to being a dog but I am NOT stupid.

While I was sitting on this guy's lap a Chihuahua and a Golden Retriever (Daisy and LuLu, respectively) got in line. After three tries the camera lady gave up on trying to get me to smile. I wriggled free, arms outstretched to Mom, and said (politely, of course) "Get me outta here!". We waited for our picture to get printed and framed, so I figured I'd see how well Daisy and LuLu did. Daisy kept glancing at me and asking if this was "de verdad?" ("for real" in Spanish). Chihuahuas catch on quick. LuLu kept a huge grin pasted on her face since it seemed to make her human happy.

Oh? What's this? My wish came true? Sure enough, I silently wished for a baby sister and here one was right next to me, human and only one month old, named "Avery". She was wearing red pajamas and PERFECT (I said), and as I got ready to claim my gift Daisy's mom grabbed the baby and handed her to Santa, poopy diapers and all.

I guess things have a way of working out. Next time I see Santa, it better be the real thing. I can tell, you know. And so can the Universal Forces, as evidenced by Avery's special gift to Santa. Life is good.

Mom says she'll try to post my picture tomorrow. She's too tired tonight. She hopes you understand. (NOTE - Mom remembered!)

Love and Christmas Cheer....


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