Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yup. Finally. I am FOUR YEARS OLD. That's my Aunt Debbie holding me.

This time four years ago I was in Missouri all snuggled in with my brothers and sisters and probably nestled up against my birth mother having some lunch. I wasn't there very long, though. Some human yanked me away from my family, sent me to California where I had some surgery on an inguinal hernia, then I got some shots and was tossed into a glass box in a pet store in Temecula, CA. All this before I was even NINE WEEKS OLD, too. Lucky me that my REAL MOM walked in and adopted me. I don't think much about those cold and lonely days anymore. Just maybe on my birthday, I send my fur mom a little love from my heart.

For my birthday I donated my present money to Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc. at to help other kids like me who weren't as lucky to be adopted by a loving family.

We share my birthday at work with people who have businesses there. They all know me and they drop by to have some cake with me. (FYI, I don't get frosting ...just some hunks of cake without any extras, but that's my favorite anyway!)

This is me opening my present from my friends in New York. I got some more cards, too.

After work we went to Bank of America where everybody there wished me a Happy Birthday. Then we went to California Bank and Trust, and we took them all my left-over cake. I just love those ladies and I wanted to do something nice for them. OH SURPRISE! They had a present for me. Another tiny bag of duck jerky and a pink flower barrette with some mint green ribbon leaves on it.

My very good friend, Gina (who is also my personal banker), cut me up some pieces of duck jerky and EVERYBODY said "Happy Birthday". When we got home, Mom accidentally dropped a whole big piece of duck jerky which I grabbed and enjoyed while I was hiding under the kitchen table. See, I'm not allowed to have BIG pieces of jerky...just tiny small ones...ever since I had one go down the wrong way and then horked it up on the teller's counter (along with some other stuff I'd swallowed earlier). But it's the BIG pieces I like best, so I hide when I'm lucky enough to find one.

(This is MY card from AbbeyMia, Harper and Piper! I'm putting it away someplace so I can sniff them anytime I want. Wow...the scent of them sure brings back some happy memories!!)

And the BEST for last! MY CAKE!!!!!

What a great birthday. Thank you to all my friends, and to my Mom especially, for loving me no matter what.

I hope everybody has a great day today!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - Last night before I gave my mother heart failure (see 9/20 post) my mom put the telephone on speaker, and my GrandPapa played "Happy Birthday" to meeeee, his GrandPuppy. I sat very still, turning my ears to the telephone, so I wouldn't miss one single note. I wish Mom had gotten a recording for me. Maybe next time? I sure do love my GrandPapa.


Sausha said...

Happy Birthday and many more, Mary-Margaret. Mama DiDi and I wish you all the best furever! Your story is probably like mine, but I am so much older that I've forgotten now. Love, Sausha Angel

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday, Mary-Margaret!
I can see you had a pawesome time celebrating your big day!
Kisses and hugs

Sugar Princess & Baby Sweet Pea said...

Happy Birthday MM, our little Princess, from us, the Heartbreaker Trio and Mommy too. It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your Mommy and your friends. Duck Jerky - sounds so very tasty. Looking forward to another wonderful year of your lovely blog!

Love the Heartbreaker Trio

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my lil sweetheart. You have really grown into the lil business girl and more. You sure know how to run a business and know how to communicate with your mom & get your way (he-he). The gang & I send our love.
Love you more then you'll ever know, Auntie Shelly & gang