Sunday, September 20, 2009

Smarty Pants!!

From Michele, Mary-Margaret's mom:

Last night we were all ready for bed, doors locked and lights out, or so I thought. Mary-Margaret wasn't in any of her usual spots, and she wasn't in bed. The last thing I remembered doing is putting the laundry into the dryer. Could I have left her in the garage? Nope...not there. After looking absolutely everywhere for her, calling and calling, and then listening without response for the little tinkling sound her tags make, I thought the unthinkable. [gasp!] Could I have left her outside in the dark?

What kind of mother am I that I have lost my puppy, and maybe even shut her out doors and left her prey to owls, hawks and coyotes? At the exact moment that I thrust open the glass slider door, my sneaky little smarty-pants darted out from under the kitchen table and dove out her little personal doggy door. "Woo hoooooo!", I heard her say as she raced around the perimeter of our property. I swear I heard her gloating to the neighborhood cats at her cleverness.

Next time, I will look under the kitchen table before I fall for that trick again. She knows that the last place I look for her is in the back-yard, and she totally used that to her advantage.

What a little devil! Yorkies are so terribly smart......and sneaky!!

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MJ's doghouse said...

wow mary sure know how to outsmart your mom...i am lucky cuz i am mainly dark she can lose me when i am right in front of her eyes if it is dark...quite funny really