Friday, September 04, 2009

The Duck Lady Returns!

This has been the absolutely most longest two days of my WHOLE life. We went to the bank this morning about 10:00AM and Xochitl (pronounced Soshi) said Gina wasn't coming in until 12:30. Rats! So I helped Xochitl for a bit, and checked our bank balance to make sure she didn't make a mistake. I would have waited two hours for Gina but Mom said...she PROMISED, actually...that we'd come back later today.

We got there about 3:45PM and THERE WAS MY DUCK LADY GINA! Woo hoo. I tried not to show her exactly how excited I was. I've been disappointed 3 times in a row. I think I'll just maybe act aloof and pretend I didn't miss her. Maybe......

OH HECK! I'm not one to play games. I LOVE HER!!!




MJ's doghouse said...

oh you are so lucky...i was very sad when duck lady wasnt there...good for you ...i hope you got an extra piece of duck...

Hailey said...

Ms Mary Margaret! I am the happies for you that your wait was finally over and you got to see GINA!!!!!! She is absolutely adorable just like you! I bet she gave you lotts of hugs and smooches which I am sure was the topper to the duck! Enjoy your weekend!

Hugs & smooches xoxo

Deetz said...

I think she loves you too...that other lady...well, she just ignored