Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surprise Play Date! Belle and Yogi

We had a client come in the office today...sort of a drop in to get some docs notarized. That's not so unusual. Coming in with TWO Yorkies in her arms is. I was so excited. Two new friends. We all hit it off right away. Me and Belle and Yogi.

I guess it was about 1:00PM according to my rumbly tummy and I figured someone forgot about lunch. We had stopped off at Natural Pet Foods earlier to get my special kibble and we got a couple of free sample bags of something that looked pretty good. A pup can only wait so long before they take matters into their own paws. I went over to Mom's purse and pulled out one of the bags and started to open it. Our client was very impressed and even said so. "Huh?", said Mom, who was in never-never land trying to concentrate on her business. I had just started to tear off the corner of the bag when she snatched it away from me and handed it to Jennifer, asking Jenn to please give me my lunch. That stuff (whatever it was) was very good. All I know is it had some lamb in it because of the picture on the bag. I can't wait for lunch time today. YUM! Oh, but I digress.

Mom asked Eileen (Yogi & Belle's mom) if they were going to the Yorkie Ball in Nashville. Can you believe that some humans haven't even heard of it? Why, it's our highest social event of the season. Us Yorkettes even wear evening gowns and we meet Yorksters who are single, and we dance and mingle and exchange our steam iron numbers (Yorkie's version of the cell phone). There's a fashion show and a luncheon and even a special dinner. We gave Eileen the link so she could learn more about Yorkies and their high society.

Only two and one half weeks away. I am SOOOO looking forward to this. My everly first Ball. I feel like a Princess already.

Love and kisses....



The Sewing Loft said...

Yooooo Hoooooo.......Mary-Margaretttt.....come on over to our mommy's blog and see our pictures!

Jillie and Andy
The Knitting Yorkies

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Kewl. You guys got a talented mom. And I LOVE the way Andy decorates himself. He's got flair!!