Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Well, RATS!! Mom did it to me again. That's twice, now. She fell asleep in her chair and the phone rings. It takes her forever to answer it and so as long as she's up, she decides to shut the glass sliding door. My doggie door is in the sliding screen outside the glass door, so I don't know my access has been blocked. Who'd a thunk?

"Upstairs!", she says, and starts to climb the stairs. Hang on!(I say) Not everyone is in the house, but she can't hear me. She looks around and finally figures out I'm not there just as I dive through my doggie door. [[[[BONK]]]].....and OWWWWWWWWEEEEE!. Yes, I was OUTSIDE ENJOYING THE EVENING!! So much for relaxation before bed. I've really got to watch her these days. My nose is still a bit sore from that one. Maybe I should start testing my door with my paw before jumping through it.

Mary-Margaret "The Schnozz" O'Brien

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