Sunday, September 04, 2011

Play-Date with AthenaMaria Dugmore

I had company today. Yup! Me and AthenaMaria Dugmore had a PLAY DATE!! Oh, we had SOOOO much fun. I showed her my back yard, and my upstairs, and my special window by the front door where I watch for cats.

Then Mom and MaryElizabeth and me and AthenaMaria went out to breakfast at "Simply Sharon's", a Creole down-home Louisiana type place where they serve chicken and waffles. The chicken is fried to order and it takes about 20 minutes to get served. The waffles are (I'm told) very yummy. They're thin and freshly made. MaryElizabeth had grits, too. And the waitress brought out tiny freshly made muffins - banana nut and poppy seed. I just napped in my carrier after we got seated, and so did AthenaMaria. We know how a pup is supposed to behave.

It's a pretty popular place. We had a really long wait before they gave us a table. That was ok, though. I was saying hello and good-bye to everyone. I think maybe I could get a job as a hostess....maybe?

Then we went to our office and checked the mail. AthenaMaria and I had a bit of lunch. I always share with my guests. I wait until they are finished eating before I have any. Even if they eat all the lunch, I know Mom keeps more for me. Sharing is very important in a friendship.

And THEN we went down to Old Town so MaryElizabeth could see the shops. And THEN the ladies stopped at JambaJuice and got something to drink. Mom says she's hooked on something called Orange Dream which tastes sort of like orange sherbert. MaryElizabeth likes the raspberry lemonade with a "shot" of something for immunity put into it.

THEN we went through Valle de los Caballos (Valley of the Horses), and then the vineyards, then home. Me and AthenaMaria took our afternoon naps and the ladies yakked. About 5:00PM they decided to go to Fish House Veracruz where they ordered abalone. I'm not sure exactly what happened because I was under the table where I always am at a restaurant, but the abalone wasn't tenderized and it was burned black and so there was a discussion with the manager who seemed sort of miffed that the ladies didn't want burned abalone. He eventually mellowed out and the ladies ordered Sea Bass and Halibut. It must have been ok because they quit griping. (NOTE - one doesn't have this problem with kibble!!)

Finally we came home and everybody said their goodbyes. I sure hope I get to see AthenaMaria and MaryElizabeth again soon. They are really fun people.




The Sewing Loft said...

You are such a good friend! We would nebber, ebber, wait to eat until someone finished. We want to eat any time food is around. Sounds like you had a fun and busy day.

Jillie and Andy

Lisa said...

You're such a sweetie Mary-Margaret.